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Delinquent payroll taxes can be one of the most serious tax related issues out there, leading to serious federal charges along with IRS penalties. It’s much more serious than income tax, and employment taxes are always given a higher priority by the IRS and their collections/enforcement departments. As a result, the experienced team at Tax Lawyer in Encino can provide the tax help you need. Encino Tax Resolution Lawyer deals solely in taxation related issues. The  top tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents and other accomplished taxation professionals who will fight for you and remove that burden from your shoulders. 

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Owing back taxes or experiencing other tax or financial issues can be stressful. The fines and penalties from delinquent taxes can add up quickly, which only makes your predicament that much worse. The IRS could even decide to pursue aggressive collection actions such as wage garnishments, bank levies or other remedies. If you owe money to the IRS or state, the experienced team at Tax Lawyer in Encino can provide the tax help you need. Encino Tax Resolution Lawyer deals solely in taxation related issues. The  top tax attorneys, IRS enrolled agents and other accomplished taxation professionals who will fight for you and remove that burden from your shoulders. 

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Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino assists with liens

Knowing that there are outstanding taxes due is enough to make any investor go on to the next property. thisis why it is important to contact Tax Attorney Encino.   Most of the time, the lien doesn’t actually mean they take or “seize” your property; it just makes it very difficult if not impossible to refinance or sell the property. All the information can be found in a simple title search. The only way to proceed with the sale or refinance is to have the IRS discharge the property from the lien. At Tax Lawyer in Encino We understand these laws. Sometimes the IRS will accept the equity on the sale (if there is any) in exchange for discharging the lien.
Something to really consider is that since liens and levies are public record, they could affect other parts of your life. One thing for sure is that they will show up on your credit reports. You don’t want a lien or levy to wreak havoc on your life! You need to deal with it. The bottom line is the tax needs to be paid off, plain and simple. If not, it will also affect other property the taxpayer may own. Make the call now contact Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino now.

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 Thanks to our talented and experienced Encino Tax Resolution Attorney can solve your tax problems. Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino bring clients into compliance with tax filings and back taxes, allowing them to move forward without the shadow of the IRS hanging over them. In fact, most of our clients resolve their IRS disputes and remain clients for life. It’s Tax Attorney Encino goal to resolve every tax issue with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We’ll work hard on your behalf!
Call us to find out what Tax Lawyer in Encino can do for your tax problem. We are incredibly proud of our client testimonials and want to help you find a solution to your issue. There are many tax resolution options available for frustrated taxpayers, and we’re dedicated to identifying an approach that will work for you. We are never further than a phone call or email away for any of your tax questions.

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Many people dread having to deal with their taxes, as it can seem like a daunting task. As a result, some people make mistakes, fail to file their returns on time, fail to make payments on time, and experience other issues that can result in tax problems. In the event that you are experiencing tax problems, it is important to take action and call Encino Tax Resolution Attorney.  attempt to avoid penalties and interest and or other collection actions that the IRS may impose.
There are a number of ways in which you can look at resolving tax problems calling our Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino office is one way, and by taking steps to do this you can make things far easier on yourself in the long run and avoid the stress of being chased by the IRS.
The sooner you address your tax problems the easier your life will become. You will then be able to focus on your personal and professional lives without having to worry everyday about the IRS.

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Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino will take action on your behalf

Having unpaid taxes can be one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can face.Tax Attorney Encino understands these tax laws. Individuals with unpaid taxes will begin to receive a series of notices from the IRS, each of which is progressively more threatening. Some taxpayers do not even understand why they owe the unpaid taxes this why contacting a Encino Tax Resolution Attorney is so important. If action is not taken to resolve the unpaid taxes then a taxpayer can become subject to a litany of IRS collection tools, such as lien filings, bank levies and wage garnishments. Understanding the collections process, the derivative of the debt and how to properly resolve the unpaid taxes will pay dividends in alleviating the traumatic financial and emotional toll the IRS collections process can take on taxpayers. 

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Tax Lawyer in Encino understand the timing of the IRS process

Many taxpayers do not understand the notices they receive from the IRS but at Encino Tax Resolution Lawyer we do, which begin as initial notices of the balance due and demand for payment and become increasingly more threatening with a series of levy notices, culminating in the Final Notice of Intent to Levy. Understanding the timing of these notices and the appropriate action to take in response to them can go a long way in giving a taxpayer the peace of mind necessary to continue with their lives without having to fear that they will wake up to their bank account being levied or their wages garnished.
Additionally, understanding what created the unpaid taxes, whether it was caused by lack of sufficient withholding; lack of proper estimated tax payments; the disallowance of deductions, credits or adjustments to income or the underreporting of income can help taxpayers prevent any additional unpaid taxes from accumulating. Contact our professionals at Encino Tax Resolution Attorney.

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The term tax fraud refers to a variety of crimes of varying degrees of seriousness that are prosecuted under federal and state laws. You may be guilty of committing a tax fraud crime if you seek to avoid paying taxes by intentionally submitting false tax returns, fail to file your tax return when tax is owed, under-report your taxable income, or claim excess deductions that reduce your tax liability, among other things. Or your case may just be a matter of tax negligence, which means you or your preparer may have made a careless mistake, but the act wasn’t intentional and so wasn’t criminal. Negligence may come with civil fines, but not criminal penalties. The process leading up to prosecution of tax fraud is complicated and multifaceted, but this can be an advantage to the taxpayer. Since there are multiple tiers that your case has to go through, with the help of Tax Attorney Encino your innocence may be proven at a lower level, and you may never face prosecution.
Investigations progress through several levels. With the help of our Tax Lawyer in Encino, your case may resolve early and you may never face prosecution.

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Get Answers from Our Skilled  Encino Tax Resolution Attorney

Being investigated for a tax crime is frightening and upsetting. If you are being investigated or charged, you probably have many questions about how the process works and what it could mean to your financial and personal future. Our  tax fraudlawyer understands the intricacies of tax fraud laws, why cases are investigated and why they are turned over for prosecution. He answers some common questions that he gets here. However, we know that every case is unique.

At Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino we understand the the penalties for tax fraud range in severity depending on the specifics of the charges. People found guilty of committing tax fraud can be subject to fines and penalties, prison time or probation, paying prosecution fees and, of course, paying all the back taxes they owe. Fines for tax evasion can cost an individual up to $250,000 and a corporation up to $500,000. Just one count of felony tax fraud can result in a five-year prison sentence. Add more counts to that and a person who is convicted could spend decades behind bars. 

In some cases, investigators focus on specific issues or transactions.Tax Attorney Encino knows the tax laws and can help with your rights. Their key objective is to prove that a taxpayer earned more money than is reported on their tax returns. They might also try to prove that deductions, expenses, or credits are overstated or nonexistent. To do so, they might speak to the taxpayer’s accountant, ex-wife, employees, or anyone else who may have direct knowledge of the issue at hand.
If the IRS decides they want to invest more time and energy in a case, they may seek to build up an overall picture of a taxpayer’s finances to identify fraudulent practices.
They might look at a person’s assets at the beginning and end of the year to determine whether improvements in net worth were reflected in tax returns. this can be frightening and confusing so call Tax Lawyer in Encino. Or they might carefully examine a person’s bank accounts to see what money flows in and out and where it comes from and how much is claimed. Or they may use the expenditures method, which looks at whether regular, everyday spending throughout the year exceeds reported income on tax returns.

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Encino Tax Resolution Lawyer can assist with audits

Our Encino Tax Resolution Attorney can assist you with IRS audits, an IRS levy or IRS tax liens. If an audit uncovers criminal activity, we can provide audit defense during the criminal tax investigation. Our Tax Resolution Lawyer Encino have the ability to correct any tax errors that triggered the IRS audit as well as to help prove that you are not guilty of intentional tax fraud. 

Tax Attorney Encino will help resolve the matter

In general, a taxpayer has thirty (30) days to file a request for a Collection Due Process (CDP) hearing protesting the IRS’s collection action.  The Collection Due Process hearing provides an opportunity to discuss the appropriateness of the lien or levy and whether alternative collection methods are available. The hearing process provides taxpayers with a level playing field and stops overly aggressive collection tactics by the IRS. A timely filed and properly formed request for a CDP hearing provides temporary relief from the IRS collection efforts in most cases, allowing the taxpayer time to resolve the matter voluntarily.

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Making a Collection Due Process hearing request also extends the ten-year Statute of Limitations the IRS has to collect the tax, so it may not be right for all situations. If the thirty-day deadline to file a CDP hearing request is missed, other alternatives may be available to protest IRS collection action, such as a request for an Equivalent Hearing. However, in the case of an Equivalent Hearing, the IRS could still pursue the debt against the taxpayer while the taxpayer is waiting for the hearing. There also is no right to appeal the Equivalent Hearing decision to Tax Court.

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